Company: Citrix

Exhibition Title:  ByteMobile Adaptive Traffic Manager

Enhances subscriber quality of experience and mobile network efficiency through content optimization, video caching, policy control and mobile traffic management.



Company: Future Intelligence

Exhibition Title: Cross Application IoT Platform (Smart Lighting Paradigm)

The demo will present a real life scenario of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed by Future Intelligence. The capability of integrating different applications into a single BPM (Business Process Management) System will be demonstrated. More specific, the demo will include smart lighting management through cloud based IoT platform. Future Intelligence smart lighting controller for LED and Inductive luminaires will introduced and demonstrate. The controller will be capable of controlling the LED luminaires (on/off/dimming), giving information about the status of each luminaire and also measure the energy consumption per luminaire. All the data coming from the LED luminaires will be collected in a smart gateway device capable of interconnecting the local infrastructure with Future Intelligence IoT Cloud. The end-user will be capable to manage and monitor the smart lighting demo application through cloud using a user-friendly and cloud-based user interface.


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Company: bitmovin GmbH (

DemoTitle: Glass-DASH, live streaming from Google Glass

Short Description

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) enables means for smooth streaming over the existing networking infrastructure to heterogeneous clients which adapt the streaming session based on the context such as available bandwidth. In this demo we will show Glass-DASH, live streaming from Google Glass to DASH clients. In particular, our framework perfoms live capturing of the video signal from Google glass which is pushed to our cloud-based transcoding & streaming platform bitcodin ( that provides MPEG-DASH compliant content which can be consumed via any DASH client such as our bitdash high-quality MPEG-DASH player ( In the demo we will show the end-to-end chain, i.e., capturing on Google glass, pushing content to bitcodin, and consuming the live streaming via bitdash on various devices (laptop, tablet, phone).

Acknowledgment: The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement no 610370, ICoSOLE (“Immersive Coverage of Spatially Outspread Live Events”,



Company: CloudStreet Oy

Exhibitor: Thomas Pliakas          

Exhibition Title: A  Cloud Based capacity mobile/wireless capacity exchange mechanism for high quality multimedia services.

Short Description

Patented CloudStreet prioritization and service-mapping technology offers an efficient way to prioritize network bandwidth mainly for multimedia services (e.g. TV broadcasting), without reducing mobile network capacity, by combininng geographical and cell site location allowing the operator to identify a specific zone in which uplink bandwidth is reserved, for a specific time period.



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Organization: Hellenic Open University, CONES Research Group

Exhibition Title: Media Aware Filtering for optimizing premium content video perceived quality

Short Description

Media Aware Filtering is an application layer gateway based on RTP Media Aware Network Element (MANE) that is capable of adapting multiple RTP video streams to the video user’s requirements and access network conditions. The adaptation decision taking engine of the Media Aware Filtering is based on information carried in the RTP headers and NAL unit headers. This information, is used in order to identify the scalability layers in each RTP session and forward all RTP packets to the client, or selectively drop packets which contain less important information, or finally add previously dropped packets in the ongoing session and improve the overall perceived video quality. The demo will present the Media Aware Filtering module developed by CONES Research group, during a live video streaming session. A Graphical User Interface will allow the configuration of the Media Aware Filtering in order to perform stream adaptation according to the channel’s available capacity.

Acknowledgment: This work is part of the Bilateral Greek-Israel DIOGENES project funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework.