Costa Navarino is located in the Greek region of Messinia in the Southwest Peloponnese, 50km from Kalamata International Airport (KLX) and 310km from Athens International Airport (ATH).

Direct flights to Kalamata Airport from major European hubs, including London, Paris, Vienna, Oslo, Stockholm, Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Milan, Nuremberg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Rostov, as well as from Thessaloniki. Please refer to the 2015 flight table.

Transfers will be organized from Athens, Kalamata and Araxos airports to Costa Navarino on your behalf. Please refer to TRANSPORTATION for details and booking.

Transfers will also be organised from Patras port to Costa Navarino in case you choose to take a Ferry Boat from Italy (Ancona, Venice, Brindisi).

Hertz is offering to Costa Navarino guests the option of hiring a car in Athens or Kalamata to the resort, with a convenient pickup and drop off points within the resort.


Messinia enjoys an excellent climate, with balmy springs, warm summers and mild winters. Blue skies, sunny days and pleasant temperatures (25° C / 77° F on average) make this blissful region an ideal destination to visit for your holidays.

The Westin Resort Costa Navarino 2014 Handbook


Athens Airport – Costa Navarino: ~4 hours private transfer / ~5 hours flat fee transfer
Kalamata – Costa Navarino: 50 min
Patra – Costa Navarino: 2 hours & 30 min
Araxos – Costa Navarino: 2 hours


Munich – Kalamata >> 2h 25 m Dusseldorf – Kalamata >> 3h 15 m NEW Stuttgart – Kalamata >> 2h 30m NEW
Frankfurt – Kalamata >>2h 45m NEW St. Petersburg – Kalamata >> 4h Vienna – Kalamata >> 2h
London – Kalamata >> 3h 30m Milan (Bergamo) – Kalamata >> 3h Paris – Kalamata >> 3h 30m NEW
Stockholm – Kalamata >> 4h Oslo – Kalamata >> 4h NEW Rostov-Kalamata >> 4h
Kiev-Kalamata >> 3h Moscow – Kalamata >> 3h 50m Thessaloniki – Kalamata >> 55m

* Flights may change according to seasonality

Download the full flight table

7th International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience

26-29 May 2015 | Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece

Download the full flight table