• The Westin Resort of Costa Navarino, the venue of QoMEX 2015, is the number one choice for an enhanced overall experience.
  • Apart from this, there is a plethora of other hotels in the area at a distance of 7 Km (Gialova) to 14 Km (Pylos).
  • Budget shuttle transfers to – from the workshop venue will be provided to QoMEX 2015 participants.
  • Those who get into the bus from Pylos (or go from Costa Navarino to Pylos) pay 8 euro
  • Those who get into the bus from Gialova (or go from Costa Navarino to Gialova) pay 4 euro
  • We would like to ask the attendees to book these in advance (through the online form).
  • For the activities section a minimum amount of people is required.

Costa Navarino

Starting from 170 Euro (Single Use)|Including breakfast|Free WiFi

Costa Navarino consists of 2 hotels, the Westin and the Romanos, a luxury Collection Resort with a 5.000m2 Conference Center and a total number of 762 rooms, all in one.  Costa Navarino is a 2 billion investment with two top Golf courses, designed by Mr. Bernhard Langer and Mr. Robert Trent Jones in Greece and one of the most developing destinations and hotels within Europe.

Destination: http://www.costanavarino.com/
The Westin: http://www.westincostanavarino.com/en/video
TheRomanos: http://www.romanoscostanavarino.com/en/video
House of Events http://www.starwoodcostanavarino.com
Golf: 18 hole Dunes Course and 18- hole Bay Golf Course http://www.costanavarinogolf.com/
Anazoe Spa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-YeYfCb6VQ
Navarino Outdoors: Hiking and cycling http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZW0kygrAYU
Navarino Sea: Diving and various other watersports http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVSIdzt0GNE
Navarino Racquet Academy: http://www.westincostanavarino.com/en/navarinoraquetacademy
Onsite bowling alley: http://www.westincostanavarino.com/en/gallery/Bowling1_en
Messinian Authenticity Program: Messinian activities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV9rJ8izn9s

In the meantime, have a look at this teaser from the movie of Ethan Hawke “Before Midnight” which part of the movie took place at Costa Navarino, Messinia and the surroundings.

Description Rate w/VAT (EUR)
Deluxe – Garden View – Single Room 170
Deluxe – Garden View – Double room 185
Deluxe – Sea View – Single Room 195
Deluxe – Sea View – Double Room 210
Premium Deluxe Sea – Single Room 235
Premium Deluxe Sea – Double Room 250
Infinity Room – Single Room 260
Infinity Room – Double Room 275
Junior Suite – Single Occupancy 270
Junior Suite – Double Occupancy 285
Family Suite – Single Occupancy 330
Family Suite – Double Occupancy 340

Rates are inclusive of Breakfast(s) per room in hotel’s main restaurant with above-mentioned rates.

Rates include V.A.T. and local taxes, currently 6,5%. Any V.A.T. increases will be applied automatically.

Rates do not include automatic ormandatory charges (e.g., resort charges), tips, gratuities, or services charges for employees, unless otherwise expressly stated.

CUT-OFF DATE: The “cut-off date” for reserving rooms in the Room Block is 5:00 p.m. local time at Hotel on April 25, 2015. After the cut-off date, it is at Hotel’s discretion whether to accept additional reservations, which will be subject to prevailing rates and availability.

Book room(s) here

Zoe Resort

Starting from 45 Euro (Single Use)|Including breakfast

If you have been searching for a combination of a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, proverbial Greek hospitality and sunshine, lukewarm Mediterranean seawater and soft sandy beaches within hand’s reach, look no further. You have just found it at Zoe Resort. Stavros and Voula Giannoutsos and their children Zoe and Theodoros welcome guests as if they were part of their own family, creating bonds that endure over the years. This is why guests keep returning to Zoe Resort summer after summer.

No More Availiable Rooms. You may contact the Hotel, if you have already booked a room and you have further questions.

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Hotal Zoe, Gialova, 24001 Pylos, Messinia, Greece

Tel. +30 27230 22025

Fax +30 27230 22026

email: zoeresort@gmail.com

Zoe Resort website